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Raygun vs Rollbar: What are the differences?

Developers describe Raygun as "Use Raygun to track, manage, and report your software errors". Raygun gives you a window into how users are really experiencing your software applications. Detect, diagnose and resolve issues that are affecting end users with greater speed and accuracy. On the other hand, Rollbar is detailed as "Full-stack error monitoring for developers". Rollbar helps development teams find and fix errors faster. Quickly pinpoint what’s broken and why. View exceptions from all of your languages, frameworks, platforms & environments in one place. Get context & insights to defeat all errors.

Raygun and Rollbar belong to "Exception Monitoring" category of the tech stack.

Some of the features offered by Raygun are:

  • Error, crash and performance monitoring, in one platform
  • Support for every major programming language and platform
  • Minutes to set up

On the other hand, Rollbar provides the following key features:

  • Errors get queued, de-duped, grouped and prioritized
  • View detailed stack traces with local variables
  • JavaScript source map support

"Easy setup and brilliant features" is the top reason why over 29 developers like Raygun, while over 70 developers mention "Consolidates similar errors by impact" as the leading cause for choosing Rollbar.

Instacart, Lyft, and CircleCI are some of the popular companies that use Rollbar, whereas Raygun is used by Sellsuki, Captain Up, and dotmailer. Rollbar has a broader approval, being mentioned in 478 company stacks & 113 developers stacks; compared to Raygun, which is listed in 44 company stacks and 6 developer stacks.

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Pros of Raygun
Pros of Rollbar
  • 31
    Easy setup and brilliant features
  • 19
    Integrates with many tools I use (e.g. GitHub, HipChat)
  • 19
    Huge range of programming languages supported
  • 17
    Support for JavaScript source maps
  • 17
    Makes my job so much easier
  • 16
    No rate limiting
  • 15
    I have so much love for Raygun. Amazing support too
  • 15
    Works with Xamarin (including native iOS crashes)
  • 14
    Unlimited team sizes on all levels
  • 13
    Responsive and fast app
  • 9
    Easy setup, fast reporting, and constantly improving
  • 8
    Great customer support and awesome T-shirts
  • 3
    Real user monitoring
  • 2
    Custom dashboards for software health
  • 73
    Consolidates similar errors by impact
  • 64
    Centralize error management
  • 63
    Slack integration
  • 58
    Github integration
  • 47
    Usage based pricing
  • 32
    Insane customer support
  • 23
    Instant search
  • 21
    Heroku integration
  • 18
    Consolidate errors by OS
  • 15
    Great Free Plan
  • 15
    Trello integration
  • 13
    Flexible logging (not just exceptions)
  • 11
    Simple yet powerful error tracking tool
  • 9
    Multiple Language Support
  • 7
    Consolidate errors by browser
  • 6
    Easy setup
  • 6
    Query errors with RQL
  • 5
    Deployment tracking is a nice free bonus
  • 5
    Best rails exception handler
  • 5
    Simple and fast integration
  • 5
    Awesome service
  • 4
    Easy setup, friendly ui, demo, lots of integrations
  • 3
    Errors Analysis
  • 3
    Clear and concise information.
  • 3
  • 3
    Beat your users to the error report
  • 3
    Server-side + client-side
  • 2
    Easy integration with sails.js
  • 2
    Bitbucket integration
  • 2
    Mailgun integration
  • 1
    Easy Set up familiar UI that doesn't make you look dumb
  • 1
    Clear errors on deploy or push
  • 1
    Gitlab integration

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What is Raygun?

Raygun gives you a window into how users are really experiencing your software applications. Detect, diagnose and resolve issues that are affecting end users with greater speed and accuracy.

What is Rollbar?

Rollbar is the leading continuous code improvement platform that proactively discovers, predicts, and remediates errors with real-time AI-assisted workflows. With Rollbar, developers continually improve their code and constantly innovate ra

Need advice about which tool to choose?Ask the StackShare community!

What companies use Raygun?
What companies use Rollbar?
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What tools integrate with Raygun?
What tools integrate with Rollbar?

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Oct 11 2019 at 2:36PM


What are some alternatives to Raygun and Rollbar?
Airbrake collects errors for your applications in all major languages and frameworks. We alert you to new errors and give you critical context, trends and details needed to find and fix errors fast.
New Relic
The world’s best software and DevOps teams rely on New Relic to move faster, make better decisions and create best-in-class digital experiences. If you run software, you need to run New Relic. More than 50% of the Fortune 100 do too.
Sentry’s Application Monitoring platform helps developers see performance issues, fix errors faster, and optimize their code health.
Gatling is a highly capable load testing tool. It is designed for ease of use, maintainability and high performance. Out of the box, Gatling comes with excellent support of the HTTP protocol that makes it a tool of choice for load testing any HTTP server. As the core engine is actually protocol agnostic, it is perfectly possible to implement support for other protocols. For example, Gatling currently also ships JMS support.
Bugsnag captures errors from your web, mobile and back-end applications, providing instant visibility into user impact. Diagnostic data and tools are included to help your team prioritize, debug and fix exceptions fast.
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