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Pros of Campfire
Pros of Flowdock
Pros of HipChat
  • 2
    Easy to use
  • 2
  • 1
    Integrations with CI servers etc
  • 34
    Threaded chat
  • 30
    Simpler integrations than others, team inbox = awesome
  • 18
    Great interface
  • 17
    Extremely easy to manage multiple conversations
  • 15
    Powerful Search and Tagging Architecture
  • 15
    Team Inbox
  • 12
    Email and RSS integration for apps w no API
  • 9
    See what the team is actually working on
  • 5
    Comment on anything you see or do
  • 3
    Spark conversations around activity
  • 2
    Threads and tags make it great
  • 2
    Threaded Inbox for Integrations
  • 2
    Threaded chat and separate inbox for integrations
  • 1
  • 144
    Integrates well with a lot of developer tools
  • 96
  • 85
    Clients for every major platform
  • 70
    Free unlimited users
  • 70
  • 40
    Extremely easy to use for non-tech guys
  • 39
    Good api integration
  • 38
  • 28
  • 26
    Feature rich
  • 13
    Affordable at $2/user
  • 6
    Email notifications
  • 6
    Text Messages
  • 4
    More developer-friendly than Skype
  • 3
    Full text search
  • 3
    JIRA integration
  • 3
    Integrates with Atlassian products
  • 2
    Team Chat Rooms
  • 1
    Intergration with all the things
  • 1
  • 1
  • 1
    256-bit SSL encryption to transmit your data
  • 1
  • 1
    On-Premise deployment
  • 1
    Trello integration
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Cons of Campfire
Cons of Flowdock
Cons of HipChat
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        Purchased by and merged with Slack
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        Discontinued with the Atlassian Stack

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      What is Campfire?

      Campfire is like instant messaging, but designed exclusively for groups. Share text, files, and code in real time. Save transcripts so you don’t forget.

      What is Flowdock?

      Flowdock is a web-based team chat service that integrates with your tools to provide a window into your team's activities. With the team inbox, everyone on your team can stay up to date. Stay connected with Flowdock's iOS and Android apps.

      What is HipChat?

      HipChat is a hosted private chat service for your company or team. Invite colleagues to share ideas and files in persistent group chat rooms. Get your team off AIM, Google Talk, and Skype — HipChat was built for business.

      Need advice about which tool to choose?Ask the StackShare community!

      What companies use Campfire?
      What companies use Flowdock?
      What companies use HipChat?

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      What tools integrate with Campfire?
      What tools integrate with Flowdock?
      What tools integrate with HipChat?

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