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Insightly vs Pipedrive vs Zoho CRM: What are the differences?

  1. Customization Options: Insightly offers robust customization options, allowing users to create custom fields, layouts, and modules tailored to their specific business needs. Pipedrive also provides a high level of customization, but it is more streamlined compared to Insightly. Zoho CRM, on the other hand, offers similar customization features but with a focus on simplicity and ease of use for users.

  2. Integration Capabilities: Pipedrive excels in integration capabilities, offering a wide range of third-party integrations with popular tools like Google Apps, Mailchimp, and Zapier. Insightly also provides a good level of integration options, but it may require some development resources for more complex integrations. Zoho CRM has a robust integration ecosystem that includes more than 500 apps and services, making it versatile and highly adaptable to various business needs.

  3. User Interface: Insightly and Pipedrive both feature intuitive and user-friendly interfaces that are easy to navigate. Pipedrive specifically stands out for its visually appealing and simple design, making it a favorite among sales teams. Zoho CRM's interface is clean and organized, catering to users who appreciate a straightforward layout for managing customer relationships.

  4. Pricing Structure: Pipedrive offers a transparent pricing structure with different plans designed to suit varying business sizes and needs. Insightly also provides flexible pricing options, but it may become costly as users scale up and require more advanced features. Zoho CRM stands out for its affordability, offering a free version for up to three users and competitive pricing for additional features and users.

  5. Mobile Access: Pipedrive offers a mobile app that is highly rated for its usability and functionality, allowing users to manage their sales pipelines on the go. Insightly also has a mobile app with essential features for accessing and updating customer information while away from the office. Zoho CRM provides a mobile app that syncs seamlessly with the web application, offering a consistent user experience across devices.

  6. Automation Tools: Pipedrive stands out for its automation capabilities, providing sales automation features that streamline repetitive tasks and workflows. Insightly offers automation tools that are more focused on project management and customer relationship management. Zoho CRM offers a robust set of automation features that can be customized to automate various sales and marketing processes efficiently.

In Summary, the key differences between Insightly, Pipedrive, and Zoho CRM lie in their customization options, integration capabilities, user interface, pricing structure, mobile access, and automation tools.

Advice on Insightly, Pipedrive, and Zoho CRM
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Hi all, I need one good online CRM which can integrate with many sales channels: - online store - social media - traditional sales - reservation system - services In the example, I need to see that customer spent: 10K in online store, divided 5k from insta store, 5k direct through the store 2k in traditional store (can be updated manually) 1k through the reservation system 0,5k through services paid I worked on Streak mainly, but I cannot see how most of this process can be automated.

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Kris Zielinski


It looks like Pipedrive may be a good system for you. It wouldn’t be a problem to create specific custom fields for different revenue sources.

In terms of automation more important would be to know how integratable are these systems that you want to connect.

With good API and some pretty good third party connector software it may all be done and working within Pipedrive.

If you will have any other concerns, you can hit me up with more specific question. I’ll try to help.

Cheers, Kris

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      Great Dashboards
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      REST API
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      Smart Email BCC
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      Responsive, intuitive UI. Easy export
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      Email / Blog scheduling
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      Lead management

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    What is Insightly?

    With integrations to Google Apps, Office 365, MailChimp, and major social media sites; great mobile apps for tablets and smart phones; and easy access to a REST API for custom integration, Insightly is the leading small business CRM.

    What is Pipedrive?

    Pipeline tool for active dealmakers. Get super-organized. Close deals in less time. Built by active salespeople and serious web app developers.

    What is Zoho CRM?

    Online CRM software for managing your sales, marketing, customer support, and inventory in a single system.

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