Kidtech solutions for all levels of safe, compliant digital engagement with children

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Piergiorgio Niero

Head of Engineering at SuperAwesome

At SuperAwesome we build the digital ecosystem that powers a better and safer internet for kids, therefore we want our engineers to focus on building "kidtech" as opposed to just "tech. Every hour spent on maintaining our own k8s clusters is an hour that we are not spending making kidtech. Migrating to EKS helped us had a positive impact on our productivity as the k8s masters are ran and maintained by AWS.

The migration forced us to upgrade all our infra to the latest and supported versions of k8s. It also helped us consolidating our infrastructure around standard configuration. Both are indeed good outcomes. Keep in mind that if you want to try an experimental feature of k8s, or want to stick on a legacy version for some reason, neither option is available with EKS.

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