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Flock vs RocketChat: What are the differences?

Flock and RocketChat are both popular team collaboration tools used by teams to communicate and work together effectively.

1. **User Interface**: Flock has a modern and clean user interface that appeals to users who prefer a minimalist design. In contrast, RocketChat offers a more customizable interface with various themes and plugins, allowing users to personalize their workspace according to their preferences.
2. **Integration Capabilities**: Flock provides seamless integration with popular tools like Google Drive, Trello, and GitHub, making it easier for teams to centralize their work processes. RocketChat, on the other hand, offers a wide range of integrations, including CRM systems and customer support platforms, catering to diverse business needs.
3. **Security Features**: Flock prioritizes user security by providing end-to-end encryption for messages and data, ensuring sensitive information remains confidential. RocketChat also offers security measures like two-factor authentication and data encryption to protect user data and privacy.
4. **Customization Options**: Flock offers limited customization options in terms of layout and design, focusing more on simplicity and ease of use. In contrast, RocketChat allows users to customize various aspects of the platform, such as user permissions, message layouts, and notification settings, providing a more tailored user experience.
5. **Community Support**: RocketChat has a larger open-source community compared to Flock, offering extensive documentation, forums, and resources for users to troubleshoot issues and learn from others. Flock, while still having a supportive community, may have fewer resources available for users seeking help or customization.

In Summary, Flock and RocketChat differ in user interface design, integration capabilities, security features, customization options, and community support.
Decisions about Flock and RocketChat
Christopher Semmler

Mattermost sports higher performance, uses Postgres, is a pure server side application not using up too much of system resources on the client side, and gives an overall enterprise grade impression in general.

Updates go smooth without a hassle, everything is organised logically, and the integration with the OS is absolutely stable. Apart from that, the underlying runtimes and code are mature, proven and stable.

The developers are maybe a bit more cautious in regard to introducing new features, but they maintain a stable experience, not breaking the codebase in order to hastily implement bells and whistles, which are not yet ready for production. Documentation and debugging are fantastic, so running this in enterprise production environment is absolutely approved of.

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Stefan Schuchlenz

We chose RocketChat over other communications suites like Cliq or Slack mainly because we can self-host it on our own infrastructure. Since we have quite some projects going on which demand that we stay in touch with a lot of different stakeholders, pricing was an issue, too. With RocketChat, we have a huge set of features basically for free, RC offers apps for all major devices and systems and overall, we're very happy with it. The only downside is the limited amount of apps and integrations, but we can make due with what we have available.

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Pros of Flock
Pros of RocketChat
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    • 72
      Open source
    • 38
      Can be deployed on premise
    • 32
      Byos (bring your own server)
    • 30
      Faster than Slack
    • 21
      Mobile app for iphone, ipad, and ipod touch
    • 19
      Built using meteor
    • 19
      Desktop client for mac and windows
    • 13
      Easily deployed on Cloud Services (Heroku, etc)
    • 10
      Screen Sharing
    • 9
      Video and audio
    • 9
      Excellent support & service, bar-none
    • 6
      Web client
    • 5
      Amazing product, fast moving development, and BYOS
    • 5
      Multiple Security integrations - LDAP etc
    • 5
      Docker Image for easy setup
    • 5
      Open source
    • 5
      Mobile app for android phone, tablet, and tv stick
    • 4
    • 4
      Great development team
    • 4
    • 2
      Love it - running on R Pi 2
    • 2
      Open source server
    • 1
      Broadcast & Readonly channels
    • 1
      Slack bridge
    • 1
      Linux Client Support
    • 1
      Flexible Integrations
    • 1
      Ldap integration
    • 0
      Threading model

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    Cons of Flock
    Cons of RocketChat
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      • 1
        No full markdown support
      • 1
        Mobile app in Enterprise version only
      • 1
        Many basic features require plugins
      • 1
        Visioconference support is external
      • 1
        No screen recorder
      • 1
        Few options for user customization
      • 1
        Limited message history on SaaS
      • 1
        Poor user customization
      • 1
        Hard to upgrade
      • 1
        Not as well-known as others like it

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      What is Flock?

      Flock is a communication app for teams. Packed with tons of productivity features, Flock drives efficiency and boosts speed of execution.

      What is RocketChat?

      Rocket.Chat is a Web Chat Server, developed in JavaScript, using the Meteor fullstack framework. It is a great solution for communities and companies wanting to privately host their own chat service or for developers looking forward to build and evolve their own chat platforms.

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      What tools integrate with RocketChat?

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