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ArvanCloud Video Streaming Platform vs Wowza: What are the differences?

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1. **Cost-Efficiency**: ArvanCloud Video Streaming Platform offers a more cost-effective solution compared to Wowza, making it a budget-friendly option for businesses looking to stream videos without breaking the bank. 

2. **Scalability**: ArvanCloud offers a highly scalable infrastructure that can easily handle sudden spikes in traffic without compromising the quality of the streaming experience for viewers. On the other hand, Wowza may struggle to scale efficiently under heavy loads.

3. **Global Reach**: ArvanCloud has a vast global network of servers, allowing for faster content delivery to viewers worldwide. This international presence gives ArvanCloud an edge over Wowza in terms of reaching a diverse audience.

4. **Ease of Use**: ArvanCloud Video Streaming Platform provides a user-friendly interface and easy setup process, making it accessible even for users with limited technical knowledge. In contrast, Wowza may have a steeper learning curve for beginners.

5. **Security Features**: ArvanCloud offers robust security features, including DDoS protection and encryption, ensuring that your video content remains safe and secure. This level of security may not be as comprehensive in Wowza's platform, potentially leaving content vulnerable to cyber threats.

6. **Customer Support**: ArvanCloud provides excellent customer support, with 24/7 assistance available to help users troubleshoot any issues that may arise. In comparison, Wowza's customer support may be limited in availability or responsiveness, impacting the user experience.

In Summary, ArvanCloud Video Streaming Platform offers cost-efficiency, scalability, global reach, ease of use, security features, and superior customer support compared to Wowza.
Advice on ArvanCloud Video Streaming Platform and Wowza
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We want to make a live streaming platform demo to show off our video compression technology.

Simply put, we will stream content from 12 x 4K cameras ——> to an edge server(s) containing our compression software ——> either to Bitmovin or Wowza ——> to a media player.

What we would like to know is, is one of the above streaming engines more suited to multiple feeds (we will eventually be using more than 100 4K cameras for the actual streaming platform), 4K content streaming, latency, and functions such as being to Zoom in on the 4K content?

If anyone has any insight into the above, we would be grateful for your advice. We are a Japanese company and were recommended the above two streaming engines but know nothing about them as they literally “foreign” to us.

Thanks so much.

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I've been working with Wowza Streaming Engine for more than 10 years, and it's likely very well suited to your application, particularly if you intend to host the streaming engine software. But, you should confirm that both the encoding format (e.g. H.264) and transport protocol (e.g. RTMP) you intend to use is supported by Wowza.

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We would like to connect a number of (about 25) video streams, from an Amazon S3 bucket containing video data to endpoints accessible to a Docker image, which, when run, will process the input video streams and emit some JSON statistics.

The 25 video streams should be synchronized. Could people share their experiences with a similar scenario and perhaps offer advice about which is better (Wowza, Amazon Kinesis Video Streams) for this kind of problem, or why they chose one technology over the other?

The video stream duration will be quite long (about 8 hours each x 25 camera sources). The 25 video streams will have no audio component. If you worked with a similar problem, what was your experience with scaling, latency, resource requirements, config, etc.?

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Amit Mor
Software Architect at Payoneer · | 6 upvotes · 10.9K views
AWS LambdaAWS Lambda

I have different experience with processing video files that I'll describe below. It might be helpful or at least make you think a bit diffferent about the problem. What I did (part of it is a mistake): To increase the level of parallelism at the time consuming step which was the video upload, using a custom cmd tool written in Python, I splitted the input videos to much smaller chunks (without losing their ordering - just file name labeling with timestamp) . It then uploaded the chunks to S3. That triggered a few Lambdas that each first pulled a chunked video, did the processing with ffmpeg (the Lambdas were the mistake - at that time the local Lambda storage was up to 512MB so lots of chunks and lots of Lambdas had to be in place, also Lambda are hell to debug), later called Rekognition and later using AWS Elemental MediaConvert to rebuild the full length video. I would use some sort of ECS deployment where processing is triggered by S3 event, and scale the number of Fargate nodes dependent on the number of chucks/videos. Then each processor pulls its video (not stream) to its local storage (local EBS drive) and works. I failed to understand why are you trying to stream videos that are basically static, as a file, or that putting the files on S3 is a current limitation (while your input videos are 'live' and streaming) that you're trying to remove ?

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What is ArvanCloud Video Streaming Platform?

It allows content providers and distributors to convert their video content to different formats and qualities. You can store your videos in unlimited cloud storage and serve them with adaptive bitrate feature for your users.

What is Wowza?

It offers a customizable live streaming platform to build, deploy and manage high-quality video, live and on-demand. It powers professional-grade streaming for any use case and any device.

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