Soltech LLC

Soltech LLC

We are a small web dev and design company in Tri-Cities Washington.

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Christopher Wray

Web Developer at Soltech LLC

For our company website and for most simple company sites, we have chosen the Webflow CMS over Wordpress. We have many reasons for this, but a couple are security, updates, ease of use, and ease of customization. Many times, a customer will ask for a simple design change, or feature, that with Wordpress is difficult to maintain, and accomplish. With the cms set up with Webflow, we are easily able to make changes. Another huge benefit of Webflow over Wordpress is the ease of use for our customers. Webflows editor makes it easy to keep design separated from content, while also making it very easy for customers to make edits to their website. We are very happy with Webflow, although there are some features it lacks in a cms, it is a perfect fit for most publicity/marketing websites as well as small to medium sized blogs.

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