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Simple and flexible HTML, CSS, and JS for popular UI components and interactions
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What is Bootstrap?

Bootstrap is the most popular HTML, CSS, and JS framework for developing responsive, mobile first projects on the web.
Bootstrap is a tool in the Front-End Frameworks category of a tech stack.
Bootstrap is an open source tool with 145.3K GitHub stars and 71.1K GitHub forks. Here鈥檚 a link to Bootstrap's open source repository on GitHub

Who uses Bootstrap?

42792 companies reportedly use Bootstrap in their tech stacks, including Spotify, Twitter, and Udemy.

7959 developers on StackShare have stated that they use Bootstrap.

Bootstrap Integrations

Font Awesome, D3.js, Select2, Ember.js, and Ant Design are some of the popular tools that integrate with Bootstrap. Here's a list of all 53 tools that integrate with Bootstrap.
Public Decisions about Bootstrap

Here are some stack decisions, common use cases and reviews by companies and developers who chose Bootstrap in their tech stack.

Babak Khademi
Frontend Developer at Freelance | 2 upvotes 路 17.3K views

What is the best and fastest developing UI CSS Framework to couple with Angular Material ? Mostly for making responsive components and writing less sass. I have Bootstrap and Tailwind CSS in mind.

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Hello, I hope everyone is doing good and safe. I need advice on what to learn more, I have started learning HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript, Node.js, ExpressJS, React. eventually will learn MongoDB too. I would like to be a Front End developer or full-stack developer. What else would be the suggestion to get a job and what things I need to focus more on as a fresher to make my skills better. Do I have to be good in Algorithms and Dynamic Programming to find a job for entry-level? Looking forward to hearing from you guys for suggestions.聽

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i started to work on web development. right now, i know html, css, Bootstrap and designed a website with them. i dont know backend part. i have basic Python knowledge.i dont want to use only html and css alone. Want to push myself to next step. suggest me whether i should start learning AngularJS or Django further. i am ready to put efforts and difficulty not matters to me. it should have good scope in future as well freelancing projects....

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Shared insights

I want to develop a dynamic frontend quickly. I have worked with Bootstrap but not React. Should I go with Bootstrap or React? Which one will help get an MVP up and running quicker?

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Shared insights

We are building a PWA using AngularJS targeting Mobiles, Tablets, Laptops and Desktops. Like for smaller to larger screens. This is our first PWA and my first project in Angular. We are confused between PrimeNg and Bootstrap. I read in an article that PrimeNg has got Bootstrap implemented in it from 5.x.x version. Which is the best Framework for this?

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Daniel Hern谩ndez Alcojor
Frontend Developer at atSistemas | 8 upvotes 路 152.7K views

I'm building, from scratch, a webapp. It's going to be a dashboard to check on our apps in New Relic and update the Apdex from the webapp. I have just chosen Next.js as our framework because we use React already, and after going through the tutorial, I just loved the latest changes they have implemented.

But we have to decide on a CSS framework for the UI. I'm partial to Bulma because I love that it's all about CSS (and you can use SCSS from the start), that it's rather lightweight and that it doesn't come with JavaScript clutter. One of the things I hate about Bootstrap is that you depend on jQuery to use the JavaScript part. My boss loves UIkIt, but when I've used it in the past, I didn't like it.

What do you think we should use? Maybe you have another suggestion?

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Bootstrap's Features

  • Preprocessors: Bootstrap ships with vanilla CSS, but its source code utilizes the two most popular CSS preprocessors, Less and Sass. Quickly get started with precompiled CSS or build on the source.
  • One framework, every device: Bootstrap easily and efficiently scales your websites and applications with a single code base, from phones to tablets to desktops with CSS media queries.
  • Full of features: With Bootstrap, you get extensive and beautiful documentation for common HTML elements, dozens of custom HTML and CSS components, and awesome jQuery plugins.

Bootstrap Alternatives & Comparisons

What are some alternatives to Bootstrap?
Semantic UI
Semantic empowers designers and developers by creating a shared vocabulary for UI.
jQuery is a cross-platform JavaScript library designed to simplify the client-side scripting of HTML.
Express your creativity with Material, an animation and graphics framework for Google's Material Design and Apple's Flat UI in Swift.
Lots of people use React as the V in MVC. Since React makes no assumptions about the rest of your technology stack, it's easy to try it out on a small feature in an existing project.
Foundation is the most advanced responsive front-end framework in the world. You can quickly prototype and build sites or apps that work on any kind of device with Foundation, which includes layout constructs (like a fully responsive grid), elements and best practices.
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