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OpenProject vs What are the differences?


In this article, we will compare the key differences between OpenProject and, which are both project management tools. By highlighting their distinguishing factors, we aim to provide insights into their unique capabilities and help readers make informed decisions based on their specific project management requirements.

  1. User Interface and Design: OpenProject offers a more traditional and comprehensive user interface that caters to the needs of enterprise-level projects and provides extensive functionalities. On the other hand, has a sleek and modern design, focusing on simplicity and ease of use, which is more appealing for smaller teams or individuals looking for a less complex project management solution.

  2. Feature Set and Customizability: OpenProject boasts a wide range of features encompassing project planning, scheduling, resource management, and issue tracking, making it suitable for managing complex projects. It also provides a high level of customizability, allowing users to tailor the tool to their specific project management workflow., on the other hand, focuses on agility and offers essential project management features like task management, Kanban boards, and user stories. While it may lack some advanced functionalities, it is designed to be easily navigable and adaptable, primarily targeting agile development teams.

  3. Community and Enterprise Support: OpenProject has a strong community backing, offering a vast array of resources, support forums, and plugins contributed by the community. It also provides enterprise support for organizations requiring dedicated assistance. has a smaller but growing community and offers enterprise support as well, although it may not have the same extensive community support and ecosystem as OpenProject.

  4. Integration Capabilities: OpenProject provides a wide range of integrations with popular project management and collaboration tools, such as Git, Jenkins, and Slack, enabling seamless workflows and enhancing collaboration. also offers integrations with popular tools like GitHub and Slack, but the range of integrations may be more limited compared to OpenProject.

  5. Pricing and Licensing: OpenProject is available as both a free and open-source self-hosted solution, making it attractive for organizations with budget constraints. It also offers cloud-hosted plans for more convenience. offers a free tier for small teams, but it primarily operates on a subscription-based pricing model, which may not be as cost-effective for organizations with larger project teams.

  6. Data Privacy and Security: OpenProject allows users to maintain full control over their data by offering self-hosted and on-premises options, which can be advantageous for organizations with strict data privacy and security requirements. operates primarily as a cloud-based solution, which may raise concerns for users who prioritize data privacy and security.

In Summary, OpenProject provides a comprehensive feature set, extensive customizability, and strong community support, making it ideal for enterprise-level projects., on the other hand, focuses on simplicity, agility, and ease of use, making it suitable for smaller teams and agile development workflows. The choice between the two depends on the specific project management requirements and preferences of the organization or team.

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Pros of OpenProject
Pros of
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      Free. open source. agile project management
    • 23
      Elegant, beautiful
    • 22
      Has most of the common tools in jira, for free
    • 21
      Responsive, client-side based ui
    • 17
      Excellent burn down charts to track progress of sprints
    • 16
    • 14
      Can be deployed by ourself
    • 9
      Fast Growing Community
    • 4
      Jira + Confluence killer
    • 4
      Simple and very efficient for middle size project
    • 4
    • 3
    • 1
      Best agile by far

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    Cons of OpenProject
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        Bad performance
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        Bad ui

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      What is OpenProject?

      It is an open source software for project management with a wide set of features and plugins and an active international community.

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      Taiga is a project management platform for startups and agile developers & designers who want a simple, beautiful tool that makes work truly enjoyable. Over 55,000 developers & designers and over 52,0000 projects in first 10 months.

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