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Jive Social Intranet vs Percolate: What are the differences?


In the world of social intranet platforms, both Jive and Percolate offer unique features and solutions tailored to enhance internal communication and collaboration within organizations. However, there are key differences that set them apart from each other.

  1. Integration with existing systems: Jive Social Intranet is known for its robust integration capabilities with various enterprise systems such as CRM, HRMS, and productivity tools. This allows for seamless collaboration across different platforms and easy access to relevant information. On the other hand, Percolate focuses more on content marketing and does not offer as extensive integration options with existing business systems.

  2. Content creation and management: While both platforms provide tools for creating and managing content, Jive Social Intranet offers a more structured approach with customizable templates and approval workflows that ensure consistency and quality. Percolate, on the other hand, places a stronger emphasis on content planning and distribution strategies, allowing users to streamline their content marketing efforts effectively.

  3. Community engagement features: Jive Social Intranet places a strong focus on building a sense of community within organizations through features such as social networking, employee recognition, and gamification. This fosters a collaborative and engaging work environment. Percolate, on the other hand, emphasizes content creation and distribution over community engagement features, making it more suitable for organizations with a primary focus on marketing and campaigns.

  4. Analytics and reporting: Jive Social Intranet offers comprehensive analytics and reporting capabilities that provide valuable insights into user engagement, content performance, and overall intranet activity. This data-driven approach allows organizations to make informed decisions and optimize their internal communication strategies. Percolate, on the other hand, provides more focused analytics on content marketing metrics such as campaign performance and audience engagement.

  5. User interface and customization: Jive Social Intranet offers a highly customizable user interface that can be tailored to meet the specific branding and design requirements of an organization. This allows for a consistent and branded intranet experience for users. In contrast, Percolate focuses on providing a user-friendly interface with intuitive features for content creation and marketing, but may not offer as much flexibility in terms of customization.

  6. Cost and scalability: Jive Social Intranet is known for its scalability, making it suitable for organizations of all sizes, from small businesses to large enterprises. However, the cost of implementation and maintenance can be higher compared to other solutions. Percolate, on the other hand, offers more affordable pricing options, making it a cost-effective choice for organizations with limited budgets, but may not offer the same level of scalability as Jive.

In Summary, Jive Social Intranet focuses on integration, community engagement, and analytics, whereas Percolate emphasizes content marketing, cost-effectiveness, and user-friendly interface.

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What is Jive Social Intranet?

Jive turns your intranet into a hub of enterprise collaboration and communication. It enables new efficiencies and cohesion across your organization, keeps employees more engaged and informed, and drives innovation and business success.

What is Percolate?

It is all-in-one marketing software used by top marketing service providers worldwide that allows management of marketing across all channels, and a one-stop solution to plan, create and execute it.

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