GraphQL Query Generator vs Slash GraphQL

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GraphQL Query Generator

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Slash GraphQL

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What is GraphQL Query Generator?

It allows users to generate randomized GraphQL queries from any given GraphQL schema. It provides two functions for generating random GraphQL queries, both expecting a GraphQL schema, as well as specific instructions provided in configuration object as an input:

What is Slash GraphQL?

It provides /graphql Backend for Your Application on the Internet.

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What companies use Slash GraphQL?
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    What tools integrate with GraphQL Query Generator?
    What tools integrate with Slash GraphQL?
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      What are some alternatives to GraphQL Query Generator and Slash GraphQL?
      Easiest way to run a GraphQL server: Sensible defaults & includes everything you need with minimal setup.;Includes Subscriptions: Built-in support for GraphQL subscriptions using WebSockets.;Compatible: Works with all GraphQL clients (Apollo, Relay...) and fits seamless in your GraphQL workflow.
      Altair GraphQL
      A beautiful feature-rich GraphQL Client IDE for all platforms. Enables you interact with any GraphQL server you are authorized to access from any platform you are on. Much like Postman for GraphQL, you can easily test and optimize your Grap
      GraphQL Voyager
      Represent any GraphQL API as an interactive graph. It's time to finally see the graph behind GraphQL.
      GraphQL Nexus
      It is a declarative, code-first and strongly typed GraphQL schema construction for TypeScript & JavaScript.
      Serverless AppSync
      It allows you to easily and quickly deploy GraphQL APIs on AWS, and integrate them with AWS Lambda, DynamoDB & others. It supports all AWS AppSync features, while offering sane defaults that makes working with AppSync a lot easier without compromising on flexibility.
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