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Braintree vs MercadoPago: What are the differences?


In this comparison, we will explore the key differences between Braintree and MercadoPago, two popular payment processing platforms.

  1. Supported Countries and Currencies: Braintree supports a wide range of countries and currencies, including major ones like the US dollar, Euro, and British Pound. On the other hand, MercadoPago primarily focuses on Latin American countries and their local currencies, such as the Argentine Peso, Brazilian Real, and Mexican Peso. This difference in coverage can be crucial for businesses targeting specific regions.

  2. Integration Flexibility: Braintree offers more flexible integration options, allowing developers to customize payment flows to suit their specific needs. MercadoPago, while also providing integration options, may have more limited customization capabilities compared to Braintree. This difference can impact the user experience and functionality of the payment process.

  3. Fee Structure: Braintree and MercadoPago have different fee structures for transactions. Braintree typically charges a flat fee plus a percentage of the transaction amount, with variations depending on the country and payment method. MercadoPago, on the other hand, may have different fees for different countries and payment methods, including additional charges for installments. Businesses need to consider these differences when choosing a payment processor.

  4. Customer Support: Braintree is known for its robust customer support, offering dedicated account managers and 24/7 assistance for merchants. MercadoPago also provides customer support but may not offer the same level of personalized service as Braintree. For businesses with complex payment needs or technical issues, this difference in customer support can be a crucial factor to consider.

  5. Risk and Fraud Management: Both Braintree and MercadoPago offer tools and features for managing risk and preventing fraud in online transactions. However, the depth and customization options of these risk management tools may differ between the two platforms. Businesses with a high volume of transactions or specific risk management requirements should evaluate how well each platform meets their needs.

  6. Mobile Payment Capabilities: Braintree and MercadoPago both support mobile payments, allowing businesses to accept transactions from customers using smartphones and tablets. However, the ease of integration and user experience for mobile payments may vary between the two platforms. Businesses targeting mobile users need to consider how well each platform supports mobile payment capabilities.

In Summary, Braintree and MercadoPago offer distinct features and functionalities, catering to different business needs based on factors such as supported countries and currencies, integration flexibility, fee structures, customer support, risk management tools, and mobile payment capabilities.

Decisions about Braintree and MercadoPago

Stripe was made with developers in mind first so the extensibility of it is great! This makes it very easy for us to integrate and automate as much as we need with its APIs and SDK. It allows a lot of customization of exactly what we need to build our applications. They also manage all of our customers from a tax and accounting perspective which makes it easy from a business standpoint.

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Pros of Braintree
Pros of MercadoPago
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    Well-designed api
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    Developer friendly
  • 17
    Easy setup
  • 14
  • 6
    Excellent documentation
  • 4
    Great support
  • 3
    Can use paypal and debit card
  • 2
    Test it without obligation, great SDK/API and prices
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    Great API, awesome docs
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    Cons of Braintree
    Cons of MercadoPago
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      Lacking documentation for mobile integrations
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      What is Braintree?

      Braintree replaces traditional payment gateways and merchant accounts. From one touch payments, to mobile SDKs and international sales, we provide everything you need to start accepting payments today.

      What is MercadoPago?

      Simplify your daily payments with it and take advantage of promotions in your favorite stores. You can receive payments with your cell phone, turn your site into an online store, charge for chat or social networks.

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