Famous Framework vs Kendo UI vs ShieldUI

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Famous Framework

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Famous Framework vs Kendo UI vs ShieldUI: What are the differences?


We will discuss the key differences between Famous Framework, Kendo UI, and ShieldUI.

  1. Architecture and Design Patterns: Famous Framework is focused on declarative, reusable components, while Kendo UI and ShieldUI are more traditional, object-oriented frameworks.

  2. Performance Optimization: Kendo UI and ShieldUI offer extensive performance optimization tools and features, while Famous Framework focuses more on visual effects and animations.

  3. Community Support and Ecosystem: Kendo UI has a large and active community, with a vast ecosystem of plugins and extensions, while ShieldUI and Famous Framework have smaller communities and fewer resources available.

  4. Customization and Theming: ShieldUI provides more customization options and theming capabilities out of the box, compared to Kendo UI and Famous Framework.

  5. Compatibility and Browser Support: Kendo UI has better compatibility and support for various browsers, including older versions, compared to Famous Framework and ShieldUI.

  6. Cost and Licensing: Famous Framework is open-source and free to use, while Kendo UI and ShieldUI require a license for commercial use, with Kendo UI being more expensive than ShieldUI.

In Summary, the key differences between Famous Framework, Kendo UI, and ShieldUI lie in their architectural approach, performance optimization, community support, customization capabilities, compatibility, and cost.

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Pros of Famous Framework
Pros of Kendo UI
Pros of ShieldUI
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      Collection of controls
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      Multi-framework support
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      Built-in router
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      Good Documentation
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      Cons of Famous Framework
      Cons of Kendo UI
      Cons of ShieldUI
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          Massive footprint
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          Spotty Documentation
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          Poor customizability
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          What is Famous Framework?

          The Famous Framework is a new JavaScript framework for creating reusable, composable, and interchangeable UI widgets and applications. It balances declarative with imperative and functional with stateful, and it's built on top of the Famous Engine.

          What is Kendo UI?

          Fast, light, complete: 70+ jQuery-based UI widgets in one powerful toolset. AngularJS integration, Bootstrap support, mobile controls, offline data solution.

          What is ShieldUI?

          We offer a rich suite, which includes over 40 different component types and spans over multiple development platforms.

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              What tools integrate with Kendo UI?
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