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CSS Blocks vs Vuesax: What are the differences?

# Introduction
In this comparison, we will outline the key differences between CSS Blocks and Vuesax.

1. **Syntax and Structure**: CSS Blocks leverages a preprocessor to create blocks of styles, while Vuesax uses Vue.js components with predefined styles.
2. **Performance Impact**: CSS Blocks optimize styles at build time, resulting in smaller and faster-loading CSS files, whereas Vuesax may have a slight performance overhead due to the use of dynamic styles.
3. **Integration with JS Frameworks**: CSS Blocks can be integrated with any JavaScript framework, whereas Vuesax is specifically tailored for Vue.js applications.
4. **Add-on Functionality**: Vuesax provides additional UI components and utilities out of the box, offering more features compared to CSS Blocks.
5. **Maintenance and Updates**: CSS Blocks may require less maintenance as styles are encapsulated within blocks, while Vuesax styles need to be updated manually for changes.
6. **Community Support**: Vuesax benefits from a larger community of Vue.js developers, which can provide more resources and support compared to CSS Blocks.

In Summary, CSS Blocks and Vuesax differ in syntax, performance impact, integration, add-on functionality, maintenance, and community support.
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      Fresh design compare to well known Material Design

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    What is CSS Blocks?

    By combining an opinionated authoring system, build-time analysis and rewriting of templates, and a new type of CSS optimizer, css-blocks breathes new power and ease of use into the technologies and best practices that stylesheet developers already know and love.

    What is Vuesax?

    Vuesax is a framework of components based on vue js, it is a framework that is designed from scratch to be incrementally adoptable. The framework is focused on facilitating the development of applications, improving the design of the same without removing the necessary functionality. we want all the components to be independent in colors, shapes and design for a freedom that we like all front-end but without losing the speed of creation and production.

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