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Balde vs Echo: What are the differences?

# Introduction

Key differences between Balde and Echo:

1. **Routing Mechanism**: Balde uses a traditional routing mechanism based on URL patterns to define routes, while Echo utilizes a dynamic router that allows for more flexibility in defining routes based on HTTP methods and path variables.
2. **Middleware Handling**: Balde follows a middleware processing sequence where middleware is executed in the order they are added, while Echo allows for middleware to be organized into groups and executed based on defined criteria.
3. **Request Context**: Balde provides a global request context accessible across the application, while Echo encourages encapsulation by providing a Context object that carries the request-specific information.
4. **Template Engine**: Balde comes with a built-in template engine for rendering views, whereas Echo does not have a default template engine and relies on third-party solutions for view rendering.
5. **Error Handling**: Balde offers a straightforward error handling mechanism through exceptions that can be caught and handled in a central place, whereas Echo provides middleware for handling errors, allowing for more control and customization.
6. **Community and Ecosystem**: Balde has a smaller community and fewer third-party libraries compared to Echo, which has a larger community and a rich ecosystem of plugins and extensions.

In Summary, Balde and Echo differ in their routing mechanisms, middleware handling, request context management, template engine support, error handling approaches, and community support and ecosystem. Each has its unique strengths and use cases based on these differences.
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    What is Balde?

    It is designed to be fast, simple, and memory efficient. Most of its architecture is based on other microframeworks, like Flask, and it can run on any web server that supports CGI and/or FastCGI.

    What is Echo?

    It is a high performance, extensible, minimalist web framework for Go (Golang).

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