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What is NocoDB?

It is an open source Airtable alternative. It transforms your relational databases into a smart spreadsheet. Our app store allows you to connect to any cloud services like S3 for file storage and 3rd party apps like Slack, Twilio for business workflows.
NocoDB is a tool in the Spreadsheets as a Backend category of a tech stack.
NocoDB is an open source tool with 21.5K GitHub stars and 1.3K GitHub forks. Here’s a link to NocoDB's open source repository on GitHub

Who uses NocoDB?

NocoDB Integrations

Slack, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server, and SQLite are some of the popular tools that integrate with NocoDB. Here's a list of all 11 tools that integrate with NocoDB.

NocoDB's Features

  • Connect to new/existing SQL database and turn them into spreadsheet
  • Search, sort, filter columns and rows with ultra ease
  • Collaborate just like spreadsheet
  • Automate business workflows
  • Headless APIs

NocoDB Alternatives & Comparisons

What are some alternatives to NocoDB?
Working with Airtable is as fast and easy as editing a spreadsheet. But only Airtable is backed by the power of a full database, giving you rich features far beyond what a spreadsheet can offer.
It is an intuitive online project management tool enabling teams to increase productivity using cloud, collaboration, & mobile technologies. It provides your organization with a powerful work platform that offers exceptional speed to business value
Pick a sheet, customize your app, share it with a link. Add your data to the sheet and share your custom app! Only pay for apps that need whitelabeling or store distribution.
Replace your VBA code with Python, a powerful yet easy-to-use programming language that is highly suited for numerical analysis. Supports Windows & Mac!
It helps teams easily track & automate tasks, enabling them to save time and work smarter.
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