Looking for the best CRM choice for an early-stage tech company selling through product-led growth to medium and big companies. Don't know if Salesforce or HubSpot are too rigid for PGL and expensive. I also had an experience of companies outgrowing Pipedrive pretty fast

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While Salesforce may be at the top end of pricing for a CRM, the functionality, customization, and ecosystem are top tier, if you are looking for cost efficiency and all-in-one solution I would lean toward HubSpot CRM (so long as you are already using them for you marketing automation platform).

If you already have a separate MAT in place and Salesforce is just out of budget then I think about any system that integrates with your marketing platform or has a decently built out data export so that when you do eventually migrate to Salesforce mapping the data over wont b be so cumbersome.

Pipedrive is a good beginner CRM, but you will probably outgrow within a year or two. One other to look into would be SalesLoft. With SalesLoft, you get email, cadences, phone calls, and meeting/call recordings, in addition to a lightweight deal management product. The good aspect here is that when you do eventually move to Salesforce, migrating data will be relatively easy and you will already have a sales enablement tool built.

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Have you checked out AmoCRM? Convenient interface (hello corporate crm), a large number of integrations, constant updates, automation, support for all messengers.

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