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Navigate and operate your microservices in a simpler way
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What is Effx?

It is the simplest way to navigate and operate your microservices. It provides relief for developers looking for a better understanding of their microservice architectures.
Effx is a tool in the Microservice Catalog category of a tech stack.

Who uses Effx?


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Effx Integrations

Slack, GitLab, Jenkins, Kubernetes, and Amazon EC2 are some of the popular tools that integrate with Effx. Here's a list of all 26 tools that integrate with Effx.

Effx's Features

  • Get full visibility into all of your microservices
  • Set the standard for service excellence
  • Migrate from a monolith to microservices with confidence
  • Gain context into complex incidents

Effx Alternatives & Comparisons

What are some alternatives to Effx?
It is an open platform for building developer portals. Powered by a centralized service catalog, it restores order to your microservices and infrastructure and enables your product teams to ship high-quality code quickly — without compromising autonomy.
It helps engineering teams understand and improve their services. By aggregating data from tools like Datadog and Okta, It helps teams understand their architecture at a glance – everything from ownership to runbooks.
We help customers build a complete, up-to-date catalog of their architectures & drive service maturity through adoption of their eng best practices - making it easier to ship and run great softawre.
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