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Run Android APKs in Chrome OS OR Chrome in OS X, Linux and Windows.
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What is chromeos-apk?

Run Android APKs on Chrome OS, OS X, Linux and Windows.
chromeos-apk is a tool in the Desktop Browser Mobile App Emulators category of a tech stack.
chromeos-apk is an open source tool with 7.6K GitHub stars and 965 GitHub forks. Here’s a link to chromeos-apk's open source repository on GitHub

Who uses chromeos-apk?

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chromeos-apk's Features

  • Supports OS X, Linux and Windows
  • The following apps work: Flipboard, Flixster, Twitter
  • You can run up to 4 Android applications right now with the regular runtime

chromeos-apk Alternatives & Comparisons

What are some alternatives to chromeos-apk?
Run Android applications on any GNU/Linux operating system. Anbox uses Linux namespaces (user, pid, uts, net, mount, ipc) to run a full Android system in a container and provide Android applications on any GNU Linux based platform.
It is a cross-platform Android emulator for developers & QA engineers. Develop & automate your tests to deliver best quality apps. On desktop, AWS, GCP & SaaS. (previously Kickfolio) is an interactive, HTML5 mobile development & marketing tool that allows customers to play with iPhone and iPad apps directly inside a web browser.

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