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Hi, We are exploring a good Framework to implement at the Enterprise level. Would Cypress good choice than WebdriverIO to implement at the Enterprise level where various groups and teams work together. As Cypress is tightly integrated with their Dashboards and no clarity about how good this Framework is to integrate with Sauce Labs/Jenkins. Please advise me if anyone implemented Cypress at Organization/Enterprise level.

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Hello Baji,

This is an excellent question. Cypress aims to address the key pain points developers and QA engineers face when testing modern applications. Here's a list of things that the Cypress App can do that no other testing framework can: - Time Travel: Cypress allows you to step through each command in your tests for easy debugging. - Debuggability: Since Cypress runs in the browser you can debug directly from tools like Developer tools. Readable errors and stack tracing make debugging extremely fast! - Built-in Actionability Checks: Cypress ensures that DOM elements are actually visible and able to be interacted with before being tested against. - Screenshots and Videos: View screenshots taken automatically on failure, or videos when run from the CLI. - Cross browser Testing: Run tests within Firefox and Chrome-family browsers (including Edge and Electron).

Cypress absolutely works with Jenkins and all of the other major CI providers. The Dashboard provides you insight into what happens when your tests run along with suggestions on how to improve the health of your test suite. It is an excellent solution for sharing test results and analytics across multiple teams!

Many organizations have implemented Cypress at the Enterprise level. With it's world-class documentation and Strategic and Technical support available for Enterprise customers, Cypress is a an excellent choice for test automation for both small teams and large!

Why Cypress? | Cypress Documentation (
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Viktor Nedelko
Viktor Nedelko
June 6th 2022 at 9:10PM

Hi guys,

Jada here made some great points, yet I would like to add that on the cross-browser testability aspect Cypress might be loosing the battle, as it has no support for mobile devices emulation and no support for Safari. There are instances when neglecting these browsers might cause issues.

However, on the question of Cross-browser compatibility testing, you might wanna consider the third option - Playwright. Having this technology still be based on JS/TS allows you to easily extend/transform some of your existing Cypress tests into browser compatibility tests covering all modern browsers.

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