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Flexible, High performance data processing
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What is Twister2?

It is a high-performance data processing framework with capabilities to handle streaming and batch data. It can leverage high-performance clusters as well we cloud services to efficiently process data.
Twister2 is a tool in the Real-time Data Processing category of a tech stack.
Twister2 is an open source tool with 10 GitHub stars and 1 GitHub forks. Here’s a link to Twister2's open source repository on GitHub

Twister2 Integrations

Twister2's Features

  • Batch data processing
  • Streaming data processing

Twister2 Alternatives & Comparisons

What are some alternatives to Twister2?
Amazon Kinesis
Amazon Kinesis can collect and process hundreds of gigabytes of data per second from hundreds of thousands of sources, allowing you to easily write applications that process information in real-time, from sources such as web site click-streams, marketing and financial information, manufacturing instrumentation and social media, and operational logs and metering data.
Amazon Kinesis Firehose
Amazon Kinesis Firehose is the easiest way to load streaming data into AWS. It can capture and automatically load streaming data into Amazon S3 and Amazon Redshift, enabling near real-time analytics with existing business intelligence tools and dashboards you’re already using today.
Google Cloud Dataflow
Google Cloud Dataflow is a unified programming model and a managed service for developing and executing a wide range of data processing patterns including ETL, batch computation, and continuous computation. Cloud Dataflow frees you from operational tasks like resource management and performance optimization.

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