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A simple, easy to implement way to check that your website is up, and also that it's still working properly.
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What is StillAlive?

Using our stories feature, you can test many different features of your live, production website. It could be you need to find out if logins are working. Whatever it is, StillAlive can (or will) be able to test it.
StillAlive is a tool in the Website Monitoring category of a tech stack.

Who uses StillAlive?

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StillAlive's Features

  • Nothing to install- All you need to do is create a script that mimics the behaviour path you want to have us test.
  • Make sure your site works as expected- StillAlive doesn't just ping your website to see if it is online. It mimics the actual behaviour of your users, viewing your site as your users would and navigating around doing real stuff. So don't just make sure your website is responding with a 200 OK, make sure your shopping cart works, or that users can log in.
  • High Availability- StillAlive helps you make sure your application is online, 24x7.
  • Unlimited collaborators- All of our plans, including the free plan, offer unlimited collaborators to receive alerts if your site fails in some way.
  • Email, SMS, Campfire & HipChat Alerts- StillAlive can send you emails, SMSs and also hooks into Campfire and HipChat to alert you or your team when your site is not behaving as expected.
  • Scale with Ease- StillAlive allows you to just add more scripts to make your upgrade path simple.

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