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request vs requests: What are the differences?

# Introduction

1. **Installation**: request is a core Node.js module, so it doesn't require installation, while requests is a third-party module that needs to be installed using a package manager like pip.
2. **Usability**: request is used for making HTTP calls in Node.js, while requests is used for the same purpose in Python.
3. **Syntax**: In request, the syntax for making a basic HTTP GET request includes the URL and a callback function, while requests in Python uses a simpler syntax with fewer parameters.
4. **Asynchronous vs Synchronous**: request in Node.js is asynchronous by default, utilizing callbacks or promises for handling responses, while requests in Python can be synchronous, relying on functions like `response.json()` for data extraction.
5. **Community Support**: request has a large and active community since it's a core module, providing extensive documentation and resources, while requests has robust community support from Python developers with a wide range of libraries and frameworks that enhance its functionality.

In Summary, request and requests differ in installation method, usability, syntax, asynchronous behavior, and community support.

request Stats
  • Dependent Packages Counts - 16
requests Stats
  • Dependent Packages Counts - 10.7K
request Vulnerabilities
No Vulnerabilities found
requests Vulnerabilities
  • Insufficiently Protected Credentials in Requests
  • Requests `Session` object does not verify requests after making first request with verify=False
  • Python Requests Session Fixation
request Release info
Latest version
requests Release info
Latest version

What is request?


What is requests?

Python HTTP for Humans.

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