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Pros of LiveReload
Pros of nodemon
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    Lightweight, Gulp support
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    Stable in Chrome
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    More stable on windows
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    Easy to use
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    It's lightweight

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What is LiveReload?

LiveReload monitors changes in the file system. As soon as you save a file, it is preprocessed as needed, and the browser is refreshed.

What is nodemon?

It is an open source utility that will monitor for any changes in your source and automatically restart your server. It has a default support for node & coffeescript, but easy to run any executable (such as python, make, etc).

Need advice about which tool to choose?Ask the StackShare community!

What companies use LiveReload?
What companies use nodemon?
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What tools integrate with LiveReload?
What tools integrate with nodemon?
    No integrations found
    What are some alternatives to LiveReload and nodemon?
    BrowserSync makes your tweaking and testing faster by synchronising file changes and interactions across multiple devices. It’s wicked-fast and totally free.
    Process Less, Sass, Stylus, Jade, Haml, Slim, CoffeeScript, Javascript, and Compass files automatically each time you save. Easily set options for each language.
    It is an interface tool which handles pre-processing, and other front-end tasks. Its greatest strength is the incredible ease with which it allows you to use pre-processors of various kinds, be they for CSS, HTML or JavaScript.
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