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Performance Profiler and Monitor for Node.js Applications
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What is Nodetime?

Nodetime is an application performance management toolset in the cloud - an all-round solution for performance monitoring, optimization and troubleshooting.
Nodetime is a tool in the node.js Application Monitoring category of a tech stack.

Who uses Nodetime?

3 companies reportedly use Nodetime in their tech stacks, including TestLegends, StreetHub, and Pitu Pitu.


Nodetime Integrations

Pros of Nodetime
Easy setup

Nodetime's Features

  • Transaction Tracing- gives you visibility of what's happening inside your application by showing requests and operations, e.g. API calls, with a lot of information, including response time, CPU time, operations such as database calls, http client requests, file system and other API calls which happened at the same time
  • Sample Filtering- If there are too many requests or operations handled by the application, Nodetime will send only the slowest samples of requests and their operations to the profiler web console
  • Custom Tracing- Nodetime samples requests and some communication out of the box. For other types of applications or a specific operation tracing need it provides simple API functions and extension mechanisms
  • Metrics- OS Load average and free memory, Node's RSS and Heap size as well as average response / CPU times, error rates and counts for HTTP client / server requests and supported API calls and libraries, e.g., File System, Redis, MongoDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Memcached and Cassandra
  • Historical Metrics- Historical metrics are not shown for particular process, but are presented in an averaged process view
  • Custom Metrics- Using metric API call, custom metrics can be sent to the Nodetime server and presented in the same way as the automatic metrics.
  • Database Monitoring- Monitor Redis and MongoDB databases used by your applications without any extra setup
  • CPU Profiling- As a logical next step after detecting high CPU utilization, Nodetime makes it incredibly easy to use V8's built-in sampling CPU profiler to analyze hot spots and locate inefficient functions
  • Memory Profiling- Nodetime's memory profiling feature uses V8's built-in heap profiler, which allows to take heap snapshots
  • Alerts- users can create alerts for many internal metrics of the application
  • Team Features- Applications can be shared between accounts

Nodetime Alternatives & Comparisons

What are some alternatives to Nodetime?
It is an open source utility that will monitor for any changes in your source and automatically restart your server. It has a default support for node & coffeescript, but easy to run any executable (such as python, make, etc).
Determine in realtime what's happening inside your node process from the terminal. No need to instrument code to get the deets. Also splits stderr/stdout to help spot errors sooner.
NodeFly APM provides real-time monitoring for your Node.js application. Simplicity is the key! We allow our users to gain detailed, real-time performance monitoring of your Node.js application services so they can see everything that is happening, as it happens. This includes understanding system usage at every moment in time to uncover and resolve issues within the application as they arise.

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