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Karma vs Selenium: What are the differences?

Karma: Spectacular Test Runner for JavaScript. Karma is not a testing framework, nor an assertion library. Karma just launches a HTTP server, and generates the test runner HTML file you probably already know from your favourite testing framework. So for testing purposes you can use pretty much anything you like; Selenium: Web Browser Automation. Selenium automates browsers. That's it! What you do with that power is entirely up to you. Primarily, it is for automating web applications for testing purposes, but is certainly not limited to just that. Boring web-based administration tasks can (and should!) also be automated as well.

Karma and Selenium can be categorized as "Browser Testing" tools.

"Test Runner" is the primary reason why developers consider Karma over the competitors, whereas "Automates browsers" was stated as the key factor in picking Selenium.

Karma and Selenium are both open source tools. It seems that Selenium with 14.9K GitHub stars and 4.97K forks on GitHub has more adoption than Karma with 10.7K GitHub stars and 1.61K GitHub forks.

According to the StackShare community, Selenium has a broader approval, being mentioned in 776 company stacks & 440 developers stacks; compared to Karma, which is listed in 119 company stacks and 57 developer stacks.

Advice on Karma and Selenium
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we are having one web application developed in Reacts.js. in the application, we have only 4 to 5 pages that we need to test. I am having experience in selenium with java. Please suggets which tool I should use. and why ............................ ............................ .............................

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Prashanth Marappa
Senior Software Engineer at Mphasis · | 1 upvotes · 191.5K views

with the help of selenium we can automate react js for functional testing

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