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forever vs nodemon: What are the differences?


In this article, we will discuss the key differences between forever and nodemon, two popular utility tools used in Node.js development. Both forever and nodemon aim to improve the development workflow by automatically restarting the server when file changes are detected. However, there are some key differences between the two that we will explore below.

  1. Installation: One key difference between forever and nodemon is the process of installation. Forever is a global npm module that needs to be installed globally on your system using the command npm install -g forever. On the other hand, nodemon can be installed locally within your project's directory using the command npm install nodemon.

  2. Configuration: Forever has a simpler configuration process compared to nodemon. It requires only a single command to start a server using the syntax forever start app.js. In contrast, nodemon provides more advanced configuration options through a nodemon.json file or the command line arguments.

  3. File Monitoring: Another significant difference between the two is the way they monitor files for changes. Forever has a basic file monitoring feature that requires a manual restart if any file is modified. In contrast, nodemon excels in this aspect by automatically restarting the server whenever a file change is detected, making it more convenient for developers.

  4. Logging: Forever provides comprehensive logging information about each script it runs. It displays the beginning and end times, console output, exit status, and more. Nodemon, although it also logs certain events, does not provide as detailed information as forever.

  5. Platform Support: Forever is a cross-platform utility tool, meaning it can be used on various operating systems, including Windows, macOS, and Linux. Nodemon, on the other hand, is primarily designed for Unix-based systems, making it less compatible with Windows.

  6. Community and Maintenance: Forever has been around for a longer time and has a larger community of users and contributors. It is actively maintained and regularly receives updates and bug fixes. While nodemon also has a considerable user base, it may not receive updates and new features as frequently as forever.

In summary, forever and nodemon differ in terms of installation process, configuration, file monitoring capabilities, logging functionality, platform support, and community/maintenance. Understanding these differences can help developers choose the most suitable tool for their specific needs.

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    What is forever?

    It is a simple CLI tool for ensuring that a given script runs continuously. It is used to keep the server alive even when the server crash/stops. When the server is stopped because of some error, exception, automatically restarts it.

    What is nodemon?

    It is an open source utility that will monitor for any changes in your source and automatically restart your server. It has a default support for node & coffeescript, but easy to run any executable (such as python, make, etc).

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