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Docker Compose vs Portainer: What are the differences?

What is Docker Compose? Define and run multi-container applications with Docker. With Compose, you define a multi-container application in a single file, then spin your application up in a single command which does everything that needs to be done to get it running.

What is Portainer? Simple management UI for Docker. Portainer is an open-source lightweight management UI which allows you to easily manage your Docker environments Portainer is available on Windows, Linux and Mac. It has never been so easy to manage Docker !.

Docker Compose and Portainer can be categorized as "Container" tools.

"Multi-container descriptor" is the top reason why over 111 developers like Docker Compose, while over 29 developers mention "Simple" as the leading cause for choosing Portainer.

Docker Compose is an open source tool with 16.6K GitHub stars and 2.56K GitHub forks. Here's a link to Docker Compose's open source repository on GitHub.

According to the StackShare community, Docker Compose has a broader approval, being mentioned in 795 company stacks & 625 developers stacks; compared to Portainer, which is listed in 23 company stacks and 18 developer stacks.

Decisions about Docker Compose and Portainer
Michael Roberts

We develop rapidly with docker-compose orchestrated services, however, for production - we utilise the very best ideas that Kubernetes has to offer: SCALE! We can scale when needed, setting a maximum and minimum level of nodes for each application layer - scaling only when the load balancer needs it. This allowed us to reduce our devops costs by 40% whilst also maintaining an SLA of 99.87%.

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