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AWS Lambda

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Decisions about Apex, AWS Lambda, and Serverless
Tim Nolet
Founder, Engineer & Dishwasher at Checkly · | 13 upvotes · 102.2K views

When adding a new feature to Checkly rearchitecting some older piece, I tend to pick Heroku for rolling it out. But not always, because sometimes I pick AWS Lambda . The short story:

  • Developer Experience trumps everything.
  • AWS Lambda is cheap. Up to a limit though. This impact not only your wallet.
  • If you need geographic spread, AWS is lonely at the top.
The setup

Recently, I was doing a brainstorm at a startup here in Berlin on the future of their infrastructure. They were ready to move on from their initial, almost 100% Ec2 + Chef based setup. Everything was on the table. But we crossed out a lot quite quickly:

  • Pure, uncut, self hosted Kubernetes — way too much complexity
  • Managed Kubernetes in various flavors — still too much complexity
  • Zeit — Maybe, but no Docker support
  • Elastic Beanstalk — Maybe, bit old but does the job
  • Heroku
  • Lambda

It became clear a mix of PaaS and FaaS was the way to go. What a surprise! That is exactly what I use for Checkly! But when do you pick which model?

I chopped that question up into the following categories:

  • Developer Experience / DX 🤓
  • Ops Experience / OX 🐂 (?)
  • Cost 💵
  • Lock in 🔐

Read the full post linked below for all details

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Pros of Apex
Pros of AWS Lambda
Pros of Serverless
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      No infrastructure
    • 80
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      No deploy, no server, great sleep
    • 9
      AWS Lambda went down taking many sites with it
    • 5
      Extensive API
    • 5
      Event Driven Governance
    • 5
      Easy to deploy
    • 4
      Auto scale and cost effective
    • 3
      VPC Support
    • 1
      Integrated with various AWS services
    • 12
      API integration
    • 6
      Supports cloud functions for Google, Azure, and IBM
    • 2
      Lower cost
    • 1
      Auto scale
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    Cons of Apex
    Cons of AWS Lambda
    Cons of Serverless
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        Cant execute ruby or go
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        Can't execute PHP w/o significant effort
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        What is Apex?

        Apex is a small tool for deploying and managing AWS Lambda functions. With shims for languages not yet supported by Lambda, you can use Golang out of the box.

        What is AWS Lambda?

        AWS Lambda is a compute service that runs your code in response to events and automatically manages the underlying compute resources for you. You can use AWS Lambda to extend other AWS services with custom logic, or create your own back-end services that operate at AWS scale, performance, and security.

        What is Serverless?

        Build applications comprised of microservices that run in response to events, auto-scale for you, and only charge you when they run. This lowers the total cost of maintaining your apps, enabling you to build more logic, faster. The Framework uses new event-driven compute services, like AWS Lambda, Google CloudFunctions, and more.

        Need advice about which tool to choose?Ask the StackShare community!

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        What companies use Serverless?

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        What tools integrate with AWS Lambda?
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        Azure Functions
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        Cloud Functions for Firebase
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        Google Cloud Functions
        Construct applications from bite-sized business logic billed to the nearest 100 milliseconds, only while your code is running
        Google Cloud Run
        A managed compute platform that enables you to run stateless containers that are invocable via HTTP requests. It's serverless by abstracting away all infrastructure management.
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        How much does Apex cost?
        How much does AWS Lambda cost?
        How much does Serverless cost?
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