Hi! I want to make a mobile app, but I am not sure if it is better to use Vue.js + Apache Cordova or Vue Native. I am a starter. I do not know anything about Vue nor React. Can someone recommend which one is better, please? Thank you :)

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Working with vue in cordova is very problematic. Using capacitorjs will be the best idea. Most Cordova plugins work on capacitor but capacitor plugins dont work on Cordova.

On the other hand, vue native is a wrapper of react native and it might not support all react native plugins so using react native instead of vue native will be a better decision.

Performance wise vue native/react native will be slightly faster than Cordova/capacitor. The difference is not noticeable in most cases.

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Vue Native has been deprecated and is no longer maintained.

Hybrid Apps can be just as challenging to build as Native apps so you might want to look into Apple Swift. 

Cordova isn't a great option in my opinion in 2023, performance wise its not great (Ionic is a better choice).

Ionic React for more traditional web development skills to build a Progressive Web App,

React Native for more advanced JavaScript developers or native developers for native controls and libraries, React Native may be a better fit.

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