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Free and open source Kanban project management software
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What is Kanboard?

It is a free and open source Kanban project management software. Your work is displayed on a board so that you have a clear overview of your project. Each column represents a step in your workflow.
Kanboard is a tool in the Project Management category of a tech stack.

Who uses Kanboard?

3 companies reportedly use Kanboard in their tech stacks, including Organization, House Extension Designs, and simus.

19 developers on StackShare have stated that they use Kanboard.

Kanboard Integrations

MySQL, Amazon S3, MariaDB, Beanstalk, and InfinCE are some of the popular tools that integrate with Kanboard. Here's a list of all 5 tools that integrate with Kanboard.

Kanboard's Features

  • Open source
  • Free
  • Self-hosted
  • Simple
  • Visual and clear overview of your tasks
  • Drag and drop tasks between columns easily

Kanboard Alternatives & Comparisons

What are some alternatives to Kanboard?
Whether you’re maintaining a personal todo list, planning your holidays with some friends, or working in a team on your next revolutionary idea, Kanban boards are an unbeatable tool to keep your things organized. They give you a visual overview of the current state of your project, and make you productive by allowing you to focus on the few items that matter the most.
Trello is a collaboration tool that organizes your projects into boards. In one glance, Trello tells you what's being worked on, who's working on what, and where something is in a process.
Taiga is a project management platform for startups and agile developers & designers who want a simple, beautiful tool that makes work truly enjoyable. Over 55,000 developers & designers and over 52,0000 projects in first 10 months.
Trello like kanban board. Based on Restya platform.
Redmine is a flexible project management web application. Written using the Ruby on Rails framework, it is cross-platform and cross-database.
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