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I want to prototype an app for a school project. I need to test the app from a distance, so it's multiple user tests from different locations when I'm only there online. What do you think is the best combination of tools available? I want to record the user sessions. It should be responsive on different viewports for phones, and it's should be interactive (e.g., testers can actually type in a text box).

Thanks in advance for your advice, looking forward to it. Please also tell me the "why" behind the choice. - Joey

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Hey Joey, I would advise you to use framer. It lets you create realistic prototypes and this allows you to capture usage especially errors from form inputs in a realistic manner as compared to static screens. With framer, you can easily connect to user testing apps such as by the click of a button, run your tests and get the best feedback possible.

I hope this helps.

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Joey van Gessel
Joey van Gessel
April 1st 2021 at 10:22AM

Hey Christopher, thanks for your input. I started with using Framer and I have to say, it's definitly the best option. I also tried Protopie, which came close, but Framer is more intuitive. Invision is great but is lacking the interactive components, so I skipped that for my project.|

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