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I have been building a website with Gatsby (for a small group of volunteers). I track it in GitHub and push it to Amazon S3.

I am satisfied with it as a single user; however, I would like to get non-technical teammates to be able to post Markdown blog posts. I tried to teach them to add mdx files, git push, gastby build, and publish with gatsby-plugin-s3, but I am getting a fair amount of resistance :).

So I wonder if there are tools, preferably using Node.js, that allow multi-user blog authors a la wordpress, i.e. with an interface for non technical bloggers, but producing static/pre-rendered web pages.

(PS: I am considering having a node/express.js server where they could upload their mdx file and the server would re-build push and publish for them, without having them install anything, but I'd like to know if something already exists before jumping into this endeavor)

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Netlify CMS

If you're after Markdown I would look at I've used it on several projects to allow clients to use Markdown to publish and it integrates really well with Gatsby. You can create your own content structures using it then implement them into your templates. These are all the widgets you can use:

This keeps it strictly static file driven with no database or need for express etc.

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Arnaud Amzallag
Arnaud Amzallag
March 31st 2022 at 6:29PM

Thank you, I was skeptical at first, but now that I read more about it, that is a great answer! Before you answered I started to go the route of ghost.js and see how the gatsby build could source from my ghost server, but that would be an endeavor. netlifyCMS seems to acheive what I wanted much more directly. Will continue to learn about it. Thank you!

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