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Kiosk App on Raspberry Pi

  • I have a personal project that I'm developing into a Kiosk app and am considering deploying it on a RaspberryPi as a semi-portable controller user interface.
  • I'm new to RaspberryPi, I know my way around Debian though, and so I've researched a few Electron tutorials on using Electron on a RaspberryPI and they seem to be what I'm looking for.
  • However, I'd love to hear your comments and suggestions in working with Electron on the RaspberryPi, in particular in Kiosk with a touchscreen for user input.
  • What's the performance like, are there memory constraints, any reliability issues I should be aware of?
  • Once the project is at a working stage I plan to open source it on my GitHub for further input and development.
  • I'm a long term JavaScript developer (since the late 90's for real I was there when JS was first released, unashamed Vanilla.JS fanboi)
  • I write for the browser and server backend environments using Web technologies and Node.js.
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Owner at dreizehnelf - IT Beratung·

Hey subz390,

I think the Raspberry will fit your bill just fine. What I'm not really clear about is why you'd want to use Electron for the Kiosk App. Electron itself bundles a browser which then executes a web application - so in essence I do think you should be able to totally ditch Electron and just load up your web application in a browser (i.e. Firefox) in Kiosk mode. That could save you some complexity in your stack and maybe even some resources.

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January 12th 2022 at 12:23PM

thanks for the feedback, it would be possible to do what I'm doing in a web page and bundle it in a PWA with `display: standalone` and then run the nodejs server as a separate process.

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