Looking for the best analytics software for a medium-large-sized firm. We currently use a Microsoft SQL Server database that is analyzed in Tableau desktop/published to Tableau online for users to access dashboards. Is it worth the cost savings/time to switch over to using SSRS or Power BI? Does anyone have experience migrating from Tableau to SSRS /or Power BI? Our other option is to consider using Tableau on-premises instead of online. Using custom SQL with over 3 million rows really decreases performances and results in processing times that greatly exceed our typical experience. Thanks.

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You need to start using Datawarehouse (DWH) solution and then feed data to tableau. For that you need to setup data pipelines and then transform data in the DWH, move all the custom queries into the DWH. This process is called ELT. You need AWS Redshift or Google Bigquery, a serverless scalable solution, this is the bottle-neck on your current SQL, not meant for processing millions of rows of data. A team of Data engineers can help you to setup these solutions.

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