Building Realtime Apps in 2019 with PubNub

Build real-time apps quickly and scale them globally.

Note: This is a Community Post - we've partnered with PubNub to ask their community to talk about they chose PubNub. This post highlights the best contributions from their community. If you're interested in highlighting your own community contact

PubNub is a tool that helps developers build realtime web, mobile, and IoT applications by providing hosted realtime Publish/Subscribe APIs. Recently, we saw some great Stack Decisions from developers on how they use PubNub and we thought they should be highlighted.

“In order to push data to our phone on the fly , we used PubNub. It was super easy to add in a few lines to code to do this. We would save data on the server , and use PubNub to communicate updates to all the clients. Another nifty feature offered by PubNub that we used was mobile notifications delivery.”

“When I was an indie game developer, I used PubNub as the realtime chat component in my application, and it also powered realtime drawing between players.”

“I use PubNub because the SDK is easy to set up and use. It enables secure communication with my IoT device. I really like the PubNub API design.”

“scaling a message pipeline to thousands of concurrent connections”

Visualization of the other tools tagged the most with each PubNub decision.
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“because they had a Unity SDK and an example project which showed me how to use it. I downloaded the example project and tweaked it to fit my game.”

“PubNub's WebRTC API is powerful and easy to learn.”

Visualization of the reasons why developers use PubNub.
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Why do you use PubNub?

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Build real-time apps quickly and scale them globally.
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