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for property and casualty insurance company we current Use marklogic and Hadoop for our raw data lake. Trying to figure out how snowflake fits in the picture. Does anybody have some good suggestions/best practices for when to use and what data to store in Mark logic versus snowflake versus a hadoop or all three of these platforms redundant with one another?

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As i see it, you can use Snowflake as your data warehouse and marklogic as a data lake. You can add all your raw data to ML and curate it to a company data model to then supply this to Snowflake. You could try to implement the dw functionality on marklogic but it will just cost you alot of time. If you are using Aws version of Snowflake you can use ML spark connector to access the data. As an extra you can use the ML also as an Operational report system if you join it with a Reporting tool lie PowerBi. With extra apis you can also provide data to other systems with ML as source.

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