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From firebase Crashlytics, everything is simple, we install SDK and configs, and then we can see all the crashes. With AWS, it is not clear to me which service to use for the same purpose as configuring it. Correctly I understand that for automatic sending of all crashes, you need to use AWS Config?

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No, AWS Config serves a completely different purpose. It's designed to maintain a comprehensive record of changes to your AWS resource configurations, including security checks. If your aim is to stay updated on security issues, compliance, and more, AWS offers several services such as SecurityHub, Trusted Adviser, and AWS Config. However, setting up AWS Config can be time-consuming, particularly if you have a large cloud footprint. Additionally, its pricing can vary depending on the number of recorded items or evaluated rules.

If you're seeking a third-party solution to effectively monitor your AWS cloud across multiple accounts and regions, while also combining cloud management, security, and cost management, I recommend exploring a CloudYali.

Disclaimer: I'm the founder of CloudYali.

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