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A simple pull request approval system for GitHub
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What is LGTM?

LGTM is a simple pull request approval system using GitHub protected branches and maintainers files. Pull requests are locked and cannot be merged until the minimum number of approvals are received. Project maintainers can indicate their approval by commenting on the pull request and including LGTM (looks good to me) in their approval text.
LGTM is a tool in the Tools for GitHub category of a tech stack.
LGTM is an open source tool with 992 GitHub stars and 131 GitHub forks. Here’s a link to LGTM's open source repository on GitHub

Who uses LGTM?


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LGTM's Features

  • Unparalleled security analysis
  • Automated code review
  • Free for open source
  • Deep semantic code search

LGTM Alternatives & Comparisons

What are some alternatives to LGTM?
Codacy automates code reviews and monitors code quality on every commit and pull request on more than 40 programming languages reporting back the impact of every commit or PR, issues concerning code style, best practices and security.
SonarQube provides an overview of the overall health of your source code and even more importantly, it highlights issues found on new code. With a Quality Gate set on your project, you will simply fix the Leak and start mechanically improving.
When run, this command line interface automatically generates a new GitHub Release and populates it with the changes (commits) made since the last release.
It is a client library targeting .NET 4.5 and above that provides an easy way to interact with the GitHub API.
Prevent Kubernetes misconfigurations from reaching production with Datree’s automated policy checks for your pipeline. The open-source CLI tool empowers engineers to write more stable configurations, so they can actually sleep at night.
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