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Hi Community, Would like to ask for advice from people familiar with those tools. We are a small self-funded startup and initial cost for us is very important at that stage. That's why we are leaning towards Sanity. The CMS will be used to power our website and flutter cross-platform mobile applications.

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Former developer here. If you want something robust vs "looks good from a distance," I would recommend Contentful. They are the biggest for a reason. Their CMS handles a lot of use cases and has great documentation. will work well in simple blog-esque use cases. Their more complex features break easily and their documentation is confusing. It has fallen quite a distance behind Contentful. Sanity appears to be a much newer CMS and you might come to regret the lack of features, but I've only briefly reviewed their product.

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June 1st 2021 at 1:53PM

I think Contentful looked bigger at that time simply because they've raised funds and put a lot of money into Advertising.

In terms of handled API calls or the number of companies/users on the platform, Prismic and Contentful are actually pretty close now.

Gabe was previously part of the Prismic team back at the early stages of the product when it was a small team of 20 people, the product and documentation have evolved a lot since then.

By the way @Gabe, you should definitely check it out now!

In general, it feels like Contentful is going full into the Headless CMS positioning where you can serve content across different apps/displays.

Prismic is focusing on serving teams building websites/apps in Javascript, with the idea of allowing developers to build a custom Page Builder for a marketing team. Developers would build page sections (CTA, Slider, Banners) as React/Vue components in their code, test them then ship them to the Page Builder. Marketing teams can access all page sections (Slices) and assemble them + fill them with content to create new pages.

Let's say that we took the decision to focus on JS developers and websites/apps made of reusable sections, dig deep into this use-case, and propose a solution that is not less generic.

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