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So if you look through my decisions you will see I recently wrote a decision about moving from Netlify to Buddy and Amazon S3.

I want to write another decision saying that I tried this out and actually moved back to Netlify. Buddy was great until they deleted my account and all my pipelines I setup without warning me because I didn't login for a month.

Netlify is amazing and way easier to setup, support is great and they have so many amazing options... I did learn things about Amazon S3 by moving over to there but I'm sticking with Netlify for the long run now.

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Alexander Kus
Alexander Kus
September 25th 2019 at 12:56PM

Hi Johnny, Alex from Buddy here. I've just come across your post and I think it's a bit unfair.

The time between the last login and the actual termination is 90 days. Every user receives an email after two months of inactivity that the account is going to be canceled in one month unless somebody logs into it. We sent the email on April 27 (perhaps it got lost in your inbox).

However, nobody says you must be limited to either Buddy or Netlify. A couple of weeks ago we added a dedicated integration with Netlify, which means you can build and test your apps with Buddy, and use Netlify for deployments: (wish Stackshare supported links!)

Hope this clears things a bit.


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