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There is a question coming... I am using Oracle VirtualBox to spawn 3 Ubuntu Linux virtual machines (VM). VM1 is being used as a data lake - just a place to store flat files. VM2 hosts Apache NiFi. VM3 hosts PostgreSQL. I have built a NiFi pipeline that reads flat files on VM1 and then pipes the data over to and inserts it into the Postgresql database. I left this setup alone for a while, and then something hiccupped on VM3, and I had to rebuild it. Now I cannot make a remote connection to Postgresql on VM3. I was using pgAdmin3 on VM3, but it kept throwing errors - I found out it went end-of-life in 2018 and uninstalled it. pgAdmin4 is out, but for some reason, I cannot get the APT utility to find/install it. I am trying to figure out the pgAdmin4 install problem and looking for a good alternative for pgAdmin4 that I can use to diagnose the remote database connection problem. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks in advance.

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If you want an alternative to pgAdmin there is phpPgAdmin and it's also Open Source like pgAdmin, which is just like phpmyadmin which works for MariaDB and MySQL. I have not used it as I run pgAdmin4 in a Docker container.

Difference here is if you like to SQL edit, then pgAdmin is the best solution as it provides syntax highlighting whereas phpPgAdmin does not. Hope this is useful enough.

EDIT: Otherwise a good idea is to read on the differences between the two. Though I believe it as a personal preference.

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