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Open-source platform to invoice, track payments, expenses, and time billable tasks for clients
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What is Invoice Ninja?

It is an open-source platform to invoice, track payments, expenses, and time billable tasks for clients. Less time working, more time living. Create. Send. Get Paid.
Invoice Ninja is a tool in the Payments Tools category of a tech stack.
Invoice Ninja is an open source tool with 7K GitHub stars and 2.1K GitHub forks. Here’s a link to Invoice Ninja's open source repository on GitHub

Who uses Invoice Ninja?

Invoice Ninja's Features

  • Invoicing & Payments
  • Expenses & Vendors
  • Proposals Creation
  • Time-Tracking, Projects & Kanban

Invoice Ninja Alternatives & Comparisons

What are some alternatives to Invoice Ninja?
Time is the most precious resource we have, despite that, most people don't know where all their time goes. With Simple, you’ll see exactly where your time was spent.
Toggl is an online time-tracking tool. It is popular with freelancers, groups, and small companies all over the world, mostly in US, Canada and UK.
Time tracking is simple and lightning fast with Harvest. Set up takes seconds, and there's nothing to install. We've simplified the timesheet and timesheets approval process so you can stay focused on work.
Streamline the way your employees report expenses, the way expenses are approved, and the way you export that information to your accounting package.
Laravel Spark
Spark is a Laravel package that provides scaffolding for all of the stuff you don't want to code. Subscription billing? We got that. Invoices? No problem.
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