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Perform background processing in .NET and .NET Core applications
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What is Hangfire?

It is an open-source framework that helps you to create, process and manage your background jobs, i.e. operations you don't want to put in your request processing pipeline. It supports all kind of background tasks – short-running and long-running, CPU intensive and I/O intensive, one shot and recurrent.
Hangfire is a tool in the Background Processing category of a tech stack.
Hangfire is an open source tool with 9.1K GitHub stars and 1.7K GitHub forks. Here’s a link to Hangfire's open source repository on GitHub

Who uses Hangfire?

46 companies reportedly use Hangfire in their tech stacks, including XYZ Technology, Hivemind, and INDATA-Tech.

116 developers on StackShare have stated that they use Hangfire.

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Here are some stack decisions, common use cases and reviews by companies and developers who chose Hangfire in their tech stack.

Chris Bleck
Site Reliability Engineer at Cooperative Bank Of Thessaly · | 4 upvotes · 13.1K views
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We are a small bank and we have 5 VMware ESXi servers with mainly Windows Server VMs with numerous windows services installed and most of these servers have Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft IIS installed. Also we have some applications that have application logs (mainly in a db table) and we have a few Hangfire instances and one MQ Series server.

Now the management gave me the task of site reliability (I'm fairly new to this) which means all Windows Services must run 24/7 so I have to know if a service fails to start. All databases must run properly so I have to know locks, Query performance, and any SQL Agent job failures. The same goes for IIS websites/services must be up and running all the time.

In addition to these, I must collect all the Hangfire job failures(which are a lot) as well as general server metrics like CPU, RAM, I/O Disk, Disk sizes, etc.

On top of all these, I must setup alerts via Slack/sms or mail. Now the question which tool or a stack of tools can achieve all that?

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Needs advice

Hi, we are using Quartz v2 in our legacy project and we now are creating a stack for a new project that is similar to our legacy, Going from .NET 4.8 to .Net6. We have a windows service to run the Quartz for job schedulers.

Topic: Job scheduling compatible with net 6 web application (C#) Candidates: Quartz.net 3.6.2 vs Hangfire 1.7.8

We liked the dashboard and simple usability of Hangfire against the only batch process of Quartz v2. I didn't find anything related to dashboards for v3. In summary, they seem similar in a practical way as dependent jobs, scheduled jobs by cron format, but I guess quartz.net isn't focused on monitoring and logging, and it is a concern to us now that we can use it for better maintainability.

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Hangfire Alternatives & Comparisons

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