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What is GraphQL Mesh?

It allows you to use GraphQL query language to access data in remote APIs that don't run GraphQL (and also ones that do run GraphQL). It can be used as a gateway to other services, or run as a local GraphQL schema that aggregates data from remote APIs.
GraphQL Mesh is a tool in the GraphQL Tools category of a tech stack.
GraphQL Mesh is an open source tool with 2.5K GitHub stars and 224 GitHub forks. Here’s a link to GraphQL Mesh's open source repository on GitHub

Who uses GraphQL Mesh?

3 companies reportedly use GraphQL Mesh in their tech stacks, including Novo, AlternateCMS, and Knawat Next.


GraphQL Mesh Integrations

GraphQL Mesh's Features

  • Use GraphQL query language to fetch data from your data-sources directly, without the need for a running gateway server, or any other bottleneck
  • Use GraphQL query language to fetch from (almost) any data source, without changing the source or modify it's code
  • Free and open-source, and been built with the community

GraphQL Mesh Alternatives & Comparisons

What are some alternatives to GraphQL Mesh?
GraphQL is a data query language and runtime designed and used at Facebook to request and deliver data to mobile and web apps since 2012.
Easiest way to run a GraphQL server: Sensible defaults & includes everything you need with minimal setup.;Includes Subscriptions: Built-in support for GraphQL subscriptions using WebSockets.;Compatible: Works with all GraphQL clients (Apollo, Relay...) and fits seamless in your GraphQL workflow.
Altair GraphQL
A beautiful feature-rich GraphQL Client IDE for all platforms. Enables you interact with any GraphQL server you are authorized to access from any platform you are on. Much like Postman for GraphQL, you can easily test and optimize your Grap
GraphQL Nexus
It is a declarative, code-first and strongly typed GraphQL schema construction for TypeScript & JavaScript.
GraphQL Voyager
Represent any GraphQL API as an interactive graph. It's time to finally see the graph behind GraphQL.
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GraphQL Mesh's Followers
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