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What is DocRaptor?

DocRaptor makes it easy to convert HTML to PDF and XLS format. Choose your document format, select configuration options and make an HTTP POST request to our server. DocRaptor returns your file in a matter of seconds. We provide extensive documentation and examples to get you started, and our API makes it easy to use DocRaptor to generate PDF and Excel files in your own web applications.
DocRaptor is a tool in the File Conversion category of a tech stack.

Who uses DocRaptor?

10 companies reportedly use DocRaptor in their tech stacks, including Lattice, Tellow, and Aptible.

6 developers on StackShare have stated that they use DocRaptor.

DocRaptor Integrations

Pros of DocRaptor
Heroku Add-on
Easy setup
Great customer supportt

DocRaptor's Features

  • Make HTTP POST requests using C#, Curl, jQuery, Node.js, PHP, Prototype.js, Python, Ruby, and Rails
  • PDF Options: PDF Options, Base URL, No XInclude, No Network, HTTP User, HTTP Password, HTTP Proxy, HTTP Timeout, Insecure, Media, No Author Stylesheets, No Default Stylesheets, No Embedded Fonts, No Subset Fonts, No Compression, Encryption, Key Bits, User Password, Owner Password, Disallow Print, Disallow Copy, Disallow Annotate, Disallow Modify, Input Type, Prince Version, Prince Javascript
  • Excel XLS Options: Excel XLS Version Support, Special Table & Cell Attributes, Table Name, Table Password, TD Colspan, TD Rowspan, Multiple Worksheets, Specific Styles, Content Type, Text Align, Vertical Align, Text Indent, White Space, Text Orientation, Background Pattern, Background Color, Border Color, Border Style, Compact Border Syntax, Font Size, Text Decoration, Color, XLS Format, Height, Width, XLS Locked, Thousands Delimiter, Decimal Delimiter

DocRaptor Alternatives & Comparisons

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Git is a free and open source distributed version control system designed to handle everything from small to very large projects with speed and efficiency.
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