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I'm starting to work on a Jira-like bug tracker web app. This is a hobby project that is mostly a way for me to learn about different technologies and development processes(CI/CD, etc..) so I could be more ready when I start applying for programming jobs.

I'm debating between MySQL, which I'm less familiar with, and MongoDB which I have used in the past.

My two points of consideration are the following:

1) Which one is more likely to be relevant for web dev jobs? While I want to learn new technologies, I prefer learning ones that will make me more hireable in the future.

2) Which one is more flexible when it comes to changing the shape of the stored data? I expect to need to make some changes as the project goes on.

Thanks, everyone!

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MySQL is still more popular than MongoDB if you look at Google Trends. I've also added MariaDB, which is pretty much a copy from MySQL and its features, and PostgreSQL, which is also a popular relational database.

This is a very good article for comparing MySQL to MongoDB and which one you should use: MongoDB vs MySQL: A Comparative Study on Databases.

If you just want to learn and you have the time, I would opt for using both MySQL and MongoDB. For example using MySQL for most of the site content and MongoDB for saving log messages. As you get more and more logs you start to see the benefits from MongoDB's faster document fetching.

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Tyler Jordan
Tyler Jordan
February 19th 2022 at 9:57PM

Hi! Thanks for the answer.

I really like the idea of opting to use both for different scenarios, and I think that this is the one I will go for.

Thanks again :)

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There's really not an awful lot of difference between the two, they have wildly different storage mechanisms but they each have their fairly similar benefits. If you want to learn something that might be a requisite skill for a job, I would also look at alternatives such as time based and column based systems like InfluxDB and the unbelievably fast and flexible ClickHouse. While they may seem like an unlikely fit for a personal bug tracker app, there's no reason not to use them. Since I got into InfluxDB people have been requesting it a lot and I'll be using ClickHouse for all large databases, probably forever. Expand your horizons beyond your competition's.

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