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A reboot of the Jenkins CI/CD User Experience
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What is Blue Ocean?

Designed from the ground up for Jenkins Pipeline and compatible with Freestyle jobs, Blue Ocean reduces clutter and increases clarity for every member of your team.
Blue Ocean is a tool in the Continuous Integration category of a tech stack.
Blue Ocean is an open source tool with 2.9K GitHub stars and 526 GitHub forks. Here’s a link to Blue Ocean's open source repository on GitHub

Who uses Blue Ocean?

7 companies reportedly use Blue Ocean in their tech stacks, including IWB, Wbot, and CityLiv.

83 developers on StackShare have stated that they use Blue Ocean.

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Pros of Blue Ocean
Beautiful interface

Blue Ocean's Features

  • Sophisticated visualizations of CD pipelines, allowing for fast and intuitive comprehension of software pipeline status.
  • Pipeline editor (In Development) that makes automating CD pipelines approachable by guiding the user through an intuitive and visual process to create a pipeline.
  • Personalization of the Jenkins UI to suit the role-based needs of each member of the DevOps team.
  • Pinpoint precision when intervention is needed and/or issues arise. The Blue Ocean UI shows where in the pipeline attention is needed, facilitating exception handling and increasing productivity.
  • Native integration for branch and pull requests enables maximum developer productivity when collaborating on code with others in GitHub and Bitbucket.

Blue Ocean Alternatives & Comparisons

What are some alternatives to Blue Ocean?
It is both an imperative and functional programming language. Its syntax and general usage overlaps that of the interpreted Rebol language.
In a nutshell Jenkins CI is the leading open-source continuous integration server. Built with Java, it provides over 300 plugins to support building and testing virtually any project.
Jenkins X
Jenkins X is a CI/CD solution for modern cloud applications on Kubernetes
JavaScript is most known as the scripting language for Web pages, but used in many non-browser environments as well such as node.js or Apache CouchDB. It is a prototype-based, multi-paradigm scripting language that is dynamic,and supports object-oriented, imperative, and functional programming styles.
Git is a free and open source distributed version control system designed to handle everything from small to very large projects with speed and efficiency.
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