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A digital adoption platform to make software work better for everyone
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What is AppLearn?

It is a digital adoption platform that helps enterprises improve data quality and productivity in key systems, including your HCM, ERP, CRM, and beyond.
AppLearn is a tool in the Tour Widget category of a tech stack.

AppLearn's Features

  • Help your people finish processes 50% faster
  • 2x first-time task completions in your apps

AppLearn Alternatives & Comparisons

What are some alternatives to AppLearn?
Use Pendo to create more engaging products. With absolutely no coding, understand everything your customers do in your product and use in-app messages to increase engagement.
Improve customer engagement by creating in-app experiences for user onboarding, feature activation & more without bugging your dev team.
WalkMe enables website owners and app developers to easily create multiple interactive on-screen Walk-Thru’s that help users to quickly and easily complete even the most complex tasks.
It is a leading digital adoption platform that helps companies provide intuitive onboarding, and effective training and support. Its contextual and personalized in-app content drives-up user productivity and engagement.
Userlane leads every user through all processes and shows them step-by-step where to click within the software in real-time, just as a GPS navigation system in cars advises drivers how to optimally reach any destination turn-by-turn.
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