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Apple's own device management platform for small businesses
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What is Apple Business Essentials?

It is an all-new service that brings together device management, 24/7 Apple Support, and iCloud storage into flexible subscription plans for small businesses with up to 500 employees.
Apple Business Essentials is a tool in the Device Management category of a tech stack.

Who uses Apple Business Essentials?

Apple Business Essentials's Features

  • Onboarding is as easy as logging in
  • Security for every device. Privacy for everybody
  • Easily assign users to new devices. And old devices to new users

Apple Business Essentials Alternatives & Comparisons

What are some alternatives to Apple Business Essentials?
Microsoft Intune
It is a cloud-based enterprise mobility management tool that aims to help organizations manage the mobile devices employees use to access corporate data and applications, such as email.
VMWare AirWatch
It is the leading enterprise mobility management (EMM) technology that powers VMware Workspace ONE. It provides technologies that help IT administrators deploy, secure and manage mobile devices, applications and data, as well as Windows 10 and Apple Mac computers.
Headwind MDM
It is the open source mobile device management system for Android. It provides application management, device management, remote wipe, and many other services. Developers can add new features by creating plugins.
IBM MaaS360
It simplifies MDM with rapid deployment, and comprehensive visibility and control that spans across mobile devices, applications, and documents. It supports all devices including the iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, and Kindle Fire.
AppBlade provides a platform that can manage mobile applications, users, and devices in one convenient tool. When connected to common tools (CI, GitHub, JIRA, BugZill, HipChat, and many more) AppBlade will completely automate the process of capturing builds, deploying them to devices, capturing feedback/crash reports/statistics, keeping applications updated, sending information back to other 3rd party tools, and removing applications from devices following testing.
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